Stream word mark

AGDA Awards Student Brand Identity Finalist


The Brief

To help teachers feel more equipped on the subject, Stream was created as a classroom Coding resource. It utilises an accessible, engaging, and current design that appeals to both students and teachers alike. This visual identity will also be adaptable and easily identifiable, allowing the brand to stand out in quality and design from its current competitors.

Stream brand visual language derived from the coding symbols

The Rationale

Stream ‘The Puzzle Piece’ introduces students to the diverse and expressive nature of the coding field, promoting creative expression and fun interactions between the student and the content.

Inspired by the language and glyphs of coding, a graphic language of abstract, organic shapes was formed. These shapes exaggerate, simplify, and play with the formation of symbols. This visual language was then adapted into numerous different applications that make up the brand identity.

The brand was to be: Creative, expressive, digestible, engaging, playful, and easy to recognise and interact with.
Stream home page laptop mockup

DV West Support Network Leavebehind

Stream brand visual language Applied to the website home page, with interactive elements 

The Teachers

Teachers would receive access to a plethora of resources, including textbooks, exercise books, downloadable and printable worksheets for students, workshops to train and connect teachers, and more. 

Stream student worksheets

Stream worksheet

Stream teacher textbooks, stack of two

Stream teacher TExtbook and exercise book

Stream team workshop tshirt (front)
Stream team workshop tshirt (front)

Stream workshop Team Shirts


Stream workshop tote bags


Out-of-home advertising would help the brand reach new audiences, targeting school areas and shopping centers. Subtle animation would help draw the eye of passersby, enticing them to look at the ads and scan the QR code to learn more. 

Stream OOH ad, single on a street

Single ooh ad for stream on the side of the road

Stream OOH ads, three on the street side by side

three ooh stream ads side by side on a path

Stream wall installation, brand shapes in a pattern on a concrete wall

Stream wall ad installation

I would like to acknowledge and pay respect to the Gammeraygal People of the Eora Nation whose Country I live and work on. I acknowledge their connection to the waterways and lands, and their connection to each other and their neighbours. I pay my respects to the Elders past and emerging, whose knowledge and spirit are ever-lasting. Sovereignty was never ceded – it always has been and always will be Indigenous Land.

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