Aged in barrels smoked by the fires of hell, this whiskey blend is powerful and twisted. With delectable notes of apple, chili, black pepper, apricot, and cherry, it will warm you to your very core.


HEllfire whiskey bottle and box

Luci's Liquors presents Hellfire Whiskey

The Temptation

From the deepest corner of his cellars, Lucifer brings wicked and seductive, flavoured liquors to the surface. Brewed in the different sectors of hell, Luci’s Liquor tempts even the mildest of minds. For connoisseurs to tempt the heavens or simply to have a talking point at your next séance or party. Offering a range of different, flavoured spirits, these artisanal drinks are experimental, dark, and playful. Limited edition and hard to find, like the Gates of Hell, these liquors are precious. Even so, Lucifer encourages all ages [except for minors] to partake in his devilish liquors. It is for anyone who wants, or be risque and wild.


Hellfire whiskey label close up

The Design

Each bottle is housed inside a bold and detailed box. Elements of hell have manifested onto these labels like a window into the depths they were brewed in. The fiery red is bold like the whiskey’s flavours while the gold embellishing is eye-catching and memorising.


Hellfire whiskey wax seal and logo

The beautiful paper texture of the labels makes the bottle appear that much more seductive and alluring. The whiskey inside is glowing and calling your name. How could you resist? The detailing on the seal is elegant, displaying Luci’s signet or logo as the modern folk call it. The eyes and horn also adorn the cork top of the bottle, sealing the sweet and spicy nectar inside.

The Extras

Luci's Liquor also extends onto some merchandise, reaching a younger demographic of 20- and 30-somethings. Through this, Lucifer encourages youngsters (not minors) to try something other than 'whatever's on tap' and develop a taste for class and devilish desire. 

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I would like to acknowledge and pay respect to the Gammeraygal People of the Eora Nation whose Country I live and work on. I acknowledge their connection to the waterways and lands, and their connection to each other and their neighbours. I pay my respects to the Elders past and emerging, whose knowledge and spirit are ever-lasting. Sovereignty was never ceded – it always has been and always will be Indigenous Land.

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